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Shaved Ice Accessories

Supply Bucket for Shaved Ice
WAS: $17.99
NOW: $14.99
Flower Leis
WAS: $5.99
NOW: $4.99
Shaved Ice Stand
WAS: $209.99
NOW: $191.99

Making shaved ice and snow cones is an innovative way to get any party started, whether you are a little kid or a grown-up. You have a snow cone or shaved ice machine, special syrups and all accessories in order.

Now what? Add some extra pizzazz to the party and show your love for Hawaiian Shaved Ice with festive flower leis, funny t-shirts or even your own roadside stand! This is perfect for proudly displaying your treats and giving party guests cute favors to remember the day.

Every day is a good day to celebrate with mouthwatering refreshments of homemade shaved ice and snow cones! For your next shindig you donít need a fancy food truck or a bunch of boring snacks. All you need is a little flavor, a dash of creativity and lots of color to truly make the day a smashing success.