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Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrup - Pints [16 oz.]

Flavored Syrups
Cherry Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Syrup - Pint
WAS: $12.99
NOW: $9.99

The real fun in preparing your own snow cones and shaved ice comes in choosing your favorite syrups. Pouring syrup over freshly-shaved ice and watching the colors ooze makes your mouth water.

If you prefer to have smaller samplings of classic shaved ice syrup flavors, you came to the right place. For your convenience, you will find an assortment of popular Hawaiian shaved ice syrups sold in pint size containers.

With syrups like cherry, lemon-lime, and the ever-popular tigerís blood (to name a few), you'll find the flavors that have universal appeal and loved by tiny tots and the grown-ups. It goes without saying, no snow cone or cup of shaved ice is complete without colorful and flavorful syrups.

If you need a delicious and invigorating change of pace from your average, boring desserts, break out the snow cone or shaved ice machine, and these pint-sized syrups for a new treat!