We love coming up with new shaved ice and snow cone syrup flavors and if you happen to be a shaved ice enthusiast yourself, you may even be inspired to create delicious flavors of your very own. One way you can do this is by combining different syrups, thus creating brand new blends.

While there’s no wrong way to mix syrups together, you may first want to consider how different flavors work together. For example, two flavors that seem like a match made in heaven could turn out to be an icky pairing.

Another element to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate flavor combos is visual appeal. It is often said that we eat with our eyes, meaning we make decisions about the food we eat and the beverages we consume based on initial appearance. If the dish looks unappetizing, then most likely you won’t even want to try it. This is certainly true when it comes to shaved ice and snow cones too. If your shaved ice looks like a sloppy heap of ice, then neither you nor your customers will be satisfied.

We want to help you tap into your creativity and whip up some sensational flavored shaved ice, that you’ll be proud to present to your friends and family. So, today we’ll give you some pointers that will hopefully shed some light on this process.

Combining Fruit Flavors
Tart fruit flavors like lemon, wild strawberry and raspberry, for example pair well with milder flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and banana. This balance of tart and sweet ensures that neither flavor is overpowering.

Similarly, citric fruit flavors like orange, lime, and grapefruit blend beautifully with acidic fruit flavors like pineapple, blueberry and kiwi.

Combining Cocktail Flavors
When it comes to the more unique, cocktail-inspired syrups such as margarita, sangria and pina colada, these can easily combine with classic fruit flavors like peach, apple, and grape.

Perfect Presentation
When it comes to preparing your flavored syrups, there are a few ways to approach it. You can combine your selected syrups before pouring the finished product over your shaved ice or snow cones, around the outside edge and down the middle.

Alternately, you can pour one flavor on one side of the ice and another flavor on the other side. Furthermore, you may also try pouring the syrups alternately across the ice to form stripes.

What are you waiting for? Start experimenting with syrups for yourself and you’ll be surprised how many creative combinations you can concoct. If you have tried making your own shaved ice and snow cone syrups by mixing flavors, please share them with us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see all of your delicious results! Need some more refreshing inspiration? Then, please peruse our wonderful selection of original shaved ice and snow cone recipes.

Whenever you’re in need of shaved ice and snow cone syrups, equipment, recipes, or ideas, you know who to turn to—your friendly team at Hawaiian Shaved Ice!