With 2017 literally moments away, you’re probably preparing for your New Year’s eve parties. The holiday season can be notoriously stressful, especially when it comes to the countless social engagements that inevitably occur. If you’re feeling the pressure to put together a creative, fun, and unforgettable New Year’s eve bash within a tight budget, then take a deep breath, and relax. You’ve got a secret weapon on your side—Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

Silver, gold, black, and white is oftentimes the color scheme of choice for New Year’s, and fine metallic colors are in style. But, that isn’t a hard and fast rule, and with a shaved ice theme, incorporating a variety of bright colors in your party décor can brighten the mood, as long as you stick to a consistent and cohesive color palette.

You don’t have to spend a ton on expensive decorations that you’ll likely only use once or twice in the whole year. For example, it’s easier than you think to repurpose your Christmas decorations and wrapping paper into fun favors like confetti poppers, and party hats, and beautiful centerpieces like this sparkling setting made with champagne flutes and classic, ball-shaped ornaments.

A shaved ice party wouldn’t be much without shaved ice! So it’s time to get out your shaved ice machine, and put it into action. If you’re planning a family friendly event, then you may want to try our package of the top 5 shaved ice flavors that are instant crowd-pleasers. This cool and refreshing selection of ready-to-use quart-size syrups includes blue raspberry, cherry, grape, strawberry, and tiger’s blood. For an extra splash of color, prepare a dazzling rainbow snow cone!

On the other hand, if you’re expecting an exclusively adult crowd, then you can put together a simple yet sophisticated shaved ice bar packed with flavors suited to the adult palate. From coffee to margarita to pina colada and more, check out our dynamic list of the top 10 adult-approved shaved ice and snow cone flavors. We also have a few fun cocktail-inspired recipes of our own that will really turn heads at the big bash. You could even try combining different syrup flavors to create a one-of-a-kind signature dessert!

For a finishing touch, you can give each bottle of flavored syrup a cool, custom DIY label , or purchase your own from our sister site at 1-800-shaved-ice.com, and then you can amaze your guests by serving up your shaved ice creations in these delightful color-changing bowls. If you’re looking for that extra special dimension of flavor, then we recommend trying some popular shaved ice toppings, like sweetened condensed milk, sour spray, or pineapple topping.

Carry the Hawaiian shaved ice theme into your entertainment and give your guests a tropical treat by playing some traditional Hawaiian luau games! Hopefully, you have some inspiration for organizing an amazing shaved ice themed New Year’s eve party. Do you have any exciting party ideas that you would like to share with us? Send them to us at customercare@hawaiianshavedice.com, or tell us on social media. For all of your shaved ice and snow cone needs, visit us today at Hawaiian Shaved Ice.