During pregnancy, it takes some time for expectant mothers to get accustomed to their changing figure and needs. One of the most commonly experienced effects is having random food cravings, which are significantly stronger than regular cravings. Whether you wake up in the middle of the night with a burning desire for pickles and ice cream or you absolutely need macaroni and cheese right this minute, almost every soon-to-be mom gets some type of craving.

As women who are pregnant tend to have raised body temperatures, cool treats like ice pops can be comforting. If this sounds just like you and youíre expecting a little bundle of joy, then we have some sensational shaved ice flavors that are sure to satisfy you, no matter how far along you may be in your pregnancy.

Chocolate Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
While thereís no scientific explanation for why chocolate is one of the most frequently craved foods in pregnant women, it may be correlated to the idea that they feel like itís the only time they can indulge in those treats without feeling guilty. Still, itís easy to go overboard and then have to face another set of health issues.

If you want to get your chocolate fix but are looking for a more refreshing and healthy way to enjoy it without piling on a mountain of calories, then you may want to try some homemade shaved ice drizzled with some chocolate flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrup. Itís a cool, crisp and unique way to enjoy the rich, decadent taste of chocolate that you know and love so much. The most difficult part will be trying to keep it all for yourself!

Hot Cinnamon Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
Hot foods are also one of the top pregnancy cravings. While itís okay to eat hot or spicy food when youíre expecting, consuming too much could potentially cause heartburn or other digestive problems. Eating those types of food during this time is also said to cause morning sickness.

So, if youíre desperately in need of something hot/spicy to kick up your energy, then you can heat things up AND stay cool at the same time with a cup of freshly shaved ice topped with some hot cinnamon flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrup! It has the warmth of Big Red chewing gum or Red Hit candies. It's the perfect balance of heat and sweetness, so itís not too overpowering.

Cola Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
Soda is certainly another very common craving during pregnancy. However, caffeinated beverages can increase blood pressure and heart rate and can also negatively affect your babyís metabolism.

What are you to do when you get hit with those caffeine cravings?! Make yourself a helping of shaved ice and pour some cola flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrup on top to finish it off. Youíll be treated to the authentic cola taste with an icy splash to invigorate and delight your senses.

With over a hundred flavors of shaved ice and snow cone syrup at Hawaiian shaved Ice, we think that youíll be able to find something especially satisfying to soothe those nagging cravings during your pregnancy. To all the soon-to-be parents out there, we would like to wish you the best of luck and sweet success!