Depending on where you live, there can be lots of different names for things like snow cones and shaved ice. For example, the Spanish word is raspado, and there are raspado shops in places like Tucson, Arizona. In Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, people eat water ice, and many other parts of the country (and world) enjoy Italian ice. But are Italian ice and shaved ice all the same frozen treats?

Shaved Ice VS Italian Ice

Yes, itís true that Italian ice and shaved ice are both sweetened frozen treats. However, they differ in how they are made. Italian ice (and water ice, for that matter) are made in a process similar to ice cream. The ingredients are mixed together and then frozen. When you make shaved ice, the ice is frozen in cubes or blocks, shaved into very fine pieces, and then flavored with syrups and other toppings. Snow cones are also flavored after the ice is crushed.

Which is better -- Italian ice or shaved ice? Honestly, itís a matter of preference. For some people, itís about nostalgia -- they like the frozen treat that they grew up eating. At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, itís not surprising that we love our shaved ice. But no matter your preference, itís great that we can be united by our love of all types of delicious, flavored frozen treats.