Nowadays, when it comes to wedding planning, unconventional or unique themes are trending. Brides and grooms are more frequently trying to break from tradition, and attempting to really showcase their personality and interests. Organizing the perfect wedding takes a lot of time, patience, and a dash of innovation, and when you have the right theme, you can use it to guide all of your creative decisions.

At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we are helping you smoothen the planning process, making it more fun and less stressful. Whether you are having a sizzling summer wedding, or if you just want a refreshing change from the standard wedding fare, you may want to consider a cool, snow cone themed wedding! From décor to food, to favors and more, you can use snow cones to tie everything together, while still having a sophisticated and memorable day.

You can incorporate the cone motif by crafting or purchasing simple paper cones in the materials of your choice, and mounting them on walls, hanging them on chairs, and/or even as the wedding bouquets. Fill them with tissue paper, flowers or confetti. Take a look at this tutorial, and the polished, finished product.

For centerpieces, easily turn mason jars into glittery, snow-filled candles that are simple, yet still elegant. All it takes is a bit of faux snow or Epsom salt and tea lights!

Instead of having a standard dessert or candy bar, how about incorporating a snow cone station. A snow cone themed wedding wouldn't be complete without snow cones. Allow guests to pick their own flavors and offer your own signature flavor. You may choose to have something for the kids, as well as some cocktail-inspired ones for the adults. Dress up your snow cone station to tie in your colors and style. We have all the flavored syrups, equipment and accessories for making and serving snow cones during your special day AND you simply can’t forget the classic wedding cake syrup, that's a must!

After the festivities are over, give your guests something truly special to commemorate the day. Friends and family will love taking pictures with this large cone prop and colorful garland in the background!

As guests are leaving, invite them to take a paper cone filled with candy or whatever goodies you see fit. Personalize it with your monogram, or a decorative touch.

With these ideas and a splash of Hawaiian Shaved Ice, you can pull off a snow cone themed wedding surprising friends and family, and more importantly, making your day just a little bit sweeter! Let your personality shine, and you’ll truly have the coolest wedding day ever!