During the hotter months when the sun is beating down and leaving you completely wiped out by the end of the day, thereís nothing more rejuvenating than taking a bite of crisp and fluffy shaved ice or snow cone. As soon as that burst of flavor hits your tongue, you instantly feel your stress melting away.

On the other hand, when itís bitterly cold outside, there is no reason why you canít still enjoy a frosty feast of mouthwatering shaved ice! In fact, with a helping hand from Hawaiian Shaved Ice, you can have it year-round in your own home.

Snowed In

How can you enjoy shaved ice in the winter??

Beat the Blues
Though you may consider the Ďwinter bluesí to simply be a myth, there is scientific evidence to support the claim that seasonal changes can indeed affect our moods. Even the foods you eat have an effect on your mood and energy. Trade the processed foods that leave you feeling down for a truly uplifting treat Ė like a fresh fruit-flavored sample of shaved ice.

Step Away From the Fireplace
On a particularly cold day, you may pull up a comfy chair and sit cozily by the fire. While itís nice to feel so warm for a while, you may actually start to feel too hot and even a little drowsy. What do you do? This is the perfect time to break out the shaved ice machine and the collection of your favorite flavored syrups to cool off a little!

Get Inspired
If youíre cooped up inside the house during a harsh winter blizzard youíll probably wish you had something fun and different to do. Why not come up with some creative culinary creations? You donít need to be a professional chef to make something unique and filled with a range of colorful flavors. All you need is a shaved ice machine and some syrup. Soon, the whole family will join in on all the excitement. Try some of our recipes which are great for kids and adults. You will surely be inspired to create your own flavor combinations and perhaps some signature recipes too!

As you can see, it doesnít matter what itís like outside, hot or cold, there is always a good time to invigorate your senses with a homemade helping or two of shaved ice. If you need to stock up on flavored shaved ice or snow cone syrups and supplies, please donít wait another moment to browse our extensive selection at Hawaiian Shaved Ice!