Halloween is next week! The kids are extremely excited. They can’t stop talking about their costumes, their trick-or-treating routes, what kinds of candy they hope to get, and all the fun parties that have been planned. At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we wanted to get in on the Halloween fun with a few spooky shaved ice treats. And, because we didn’t want the adults to be left out, we even have an adult-friendly recipe too, using some of our delicious syrups.

Spooky Halloween Recipes

FOR EVERYONE: Poisonous Apple To make a Poisonous Apple shaved ice treat, pour the green apple syrup and candy apple syrup over a cup of shaved ice. Tuck the gummy worms into the ice. Add 3 squirts of sour bite spray. Garnish with a slice of apple and another gummy worm on the lip of the cup. This delicious apple treat is perfect for Halloween lovers of all ages!

FOR ADULTS: Grinning Jack-O-Lantern Mix the syrup with rum in a drinking glass. Before serving, drop 2-3 chips of dry ice into the glass using tongs. The dry ice will sink to the bottom (which will make it safer as you don’t want guests to touch the dry ice) and will create a spooky fog-like effect.

Have you created any fun Halloween shaved ice recipes? We’d love to hear about them. Share them with us on our Facebook page or email them to us!