You've survived Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day, but there's no breaks for the holiday celebrations. Next up -
St. Patrick's Day!

Irish or not, St. Patrick's Day is fun to celebrate. From corned beef and cabbage dinners to green beer for adults or holiday themed activities for kids, there's fun for everyone on March 17th. Here are some of the Hawaiian Shaved Ice team's favorite family-friendly ways to participate in St. Patrick's Day celebrations:
  1. If you have kids, let them wake up on March 17th to discover that a mischievous leprechaun visited during the night. A personal favorite antic is to make green footprints on the toilet and add some green food coloring in the toilet bowl.
  2. Start St. Patrick's Day off with a green breakfast -- and we're not talking about leafy greens! Serve up some green pancakes with Lucky Charms on top or maybe even take some inspiration from Dr. Seuss and feast on green eggs and ham.
  3. After breakfast, continue the celebration with some rainbow crafts. After all, the legend says that the leprechaun has his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Start by sorting some Fruit Loops by color. Glue them onto card stock in a rainbow pattern (don't forget the color order - ROY G. BIV!).
  4. Read a St. Patrick's Day book. We like Hooray for St. Patrick's Day and Happy St. Patrick's Day Curious George.
  5. Make rainbow shaved ice. You could even serve it with a pile of (chocolate) gold coins on the side!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your family? Share with us over on our Facebook page. And get ready because this year, Easter is only a few weeks after March 17th! We'll be gearing up more celebration ideas here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice.