With Christmas just days away, one of the traditional treats that is rarely in short supply during the holiday season is the classic candy cane. Candy canes are usually peppermint flavored and are commonly white with red stripes, but they often come in a variety of other flavors and color combinations.

You may be a Christmas enthusiast, who leaves a plate of cookies and milk out for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, but we’ve had a word with the jolly man himself, and he told us that he’s ready for a change of flavor this year.

At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we have a couple tricks up our sleeve that will surely make Santa smile and truly delight his taste buds. Here’s a fantastically fun and super easy to make holiday-inspired sweet just for Santa—Candy Cane Cotton Candy!

The only item you’ll need to start whipping up a serving is a cool Cotton Candy Machine, which comes with paper cones and a measuring scoop.

Step 1: Take two candy canes of your favorite flavor, place them a Ziploc bag, and crush them using a rolling pin or mallet, to a very fine grind. Transfer the grounds into a small bowl or cup.

Step 2: Once your cotton candy machine is ready for use, gently and carefully pour the candy cane grounds into the floss head evenly on each side and turn the switch on. The cotton candy strands should promptly begin forming.

Step 3: Collect the cotton candy on your paper cones by holding the cone vertically with the pointed end facing you, and rotate it as you circle it around the bowl.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy!

It’s time to put aside the plate of plain cookies, and share this unexpected delight instead. Whether you’re looking for something unique to make for your next Christmas party, or just for quality time with the family, candy cane cotton candy will be perfect for the holidays.

For an extra dose of fun, you could try an array of different candy cane flavors and colors, such as blueberry, cherry, and lemon. Your friends and loved ones will not be disappointed!

Share your colorful candy cane cotton candy creations with us on social media, or drop us a line at customercare@hawaiianshavedice.com. For all of your cotton candy, shaved ice, and snow cone needs, and an extensive variety of fantastic flavors and recipes, please visit us today at Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Be sure to stop by again for more holiday fun!