This edition of the syrup spotlight shines a light on a flavor that is a little more exotic -- Blue Hawaiian. Currently, Blue Hawaiian ranks at #26 on our top 100 flavors list in terms of popularity.

Blue Hawaiian

Letís start with the basics. The syrup comes in a wonderfully vibrant blue color. It tastes like Hawaiian Punch with a hint of coconut. Use Blue Hawaiian syrup on a snow cone and you might think youíve been transported to the islands. The electric blue color is a reminder of the clear blue water of Hawaii, and the taste and smell are distinctly tropical.

Kids and adults all love Blue Hawaiian shaved ice. Plus, a great way to serve Blue Hawaiian snow cones at your next adult gathering is to add some rum (for guests 21 and over, of course). Top your frozen concoction with a slice of pineapple, a cherry, and one of those cute little paper umbrellas, and youíre ready for a luau party at your own home!

Our Blue Hawaiian snow cone syrup comes in quart and gallon sizes. These sizes will give you plenty of Blue Hawaiian flavored syrup to serve all your family and friends!