Have you grown bored of getting the same shaved ice and snow cone syrup flavors every time? If you’re ready for a change, Hawaiian Shaved Ice has a diverse selection of flavors including some that draw inspiration from around the world.

We have put the spotlight on some of these intriguing syrups and today we’re sharing yet another, which you may want to try for yourself and add to your personal syrup stock — Horchata.

What is it?
Horchata or orxata, as it is referred to in some region, is a creamy drink, which originated in Spain and has become popular across Europe and South America.

Generally, it consists of ground almonds or tiger nuts which are soaked in water and flavored with sugar and spices such as cinnamon or lime zest. However, the way in which horchata is prepared varies from one nation to the next.

For example, in Mexico and Guatemala it’s made with rice, cinnamon and sometimes vanilla, while in Puerto Rico it’s made with ground sesame seeds, water, sugar, cinnamon sticks and evaporated milk or coconut milk.

The Name and History
Horchata comes from the Catalan word ‘orxata,’ which translates to barley, what horchata was originally made from. Catalan is the language spoken in eastern and northeastern Spain in a certain region in France and in Andorra, a very small European nation in Europe.

There have been some conflicting stories about the exact origins of horchata. The first nut used as a base is considered to be the tiger nut, which some say traces back to ancient Egypt, while others claim that it has Arabic roots and spread to Spain through this Arabic influence.

Our Horchata Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
We’ve reinvented the creamy Spanish beverage so that you can easily enjoy the authentic flavor at home without much preparation. Make a batch of shaved ice and pour a helping of Horchata flavored shaved ice syrup on top. Not only does it have the same clear white,milky color as the real drink but it also has the same sophisticated flavors—vanilla rice milk, cinnamon and savory nuts. The shaved ice is a cooling addition to these intriguing flavors, making it even more invigorating than the traditional horchata.

Whether you’re hosting a pool party or a company picnic, horchata flavored shaved ice and snow cones will add an element of excitement to any occasion. Regardless of your particular needs you can get just the amount of syrup that you desire, since Horchata is available in individual quart-size, gallon-size containers, or as part of a syrup flavor pack.

At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, we carry a remarkable assortment of shaved ice and snow cone syrups that are ideal for consumers of all ages. For an even more in-depth look at each of these flavors, please check back for additional syrup spotlights. If you have any questions about any of our offerings, feel free to contact us toll free at 800-620-2869 or email us at customercare@hawaiianshavedice.com.