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Gallon - Tamarind Shaved Ice Syrup

Gallon - Tamarind Shaved Ice Syrup
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Item Description

Item Description

Tamarind flavored snow cone syrup is a delicious refreshment that combines two great flavors: fruit and tea. Bite into this perfectly blended sno cone treat and feel like you’re enjoying a tall glass of iced tea. Tamarind is a great shaved ice to have on a hot summer day; sit back and relax with this fruity tea flavor! It is the refreshing feeling of a drink, and the yummy experience of a snow cone. It really doesn’t get any better than that!

Buy a gallon of Tamarind snow cone syrup flavoring today. The sweet, soothing taste of tea will refresh you and your friends at your next get-together. Everyone will love this shaved ice flavor! Have it at your next pool party or the next time you are hanging out with your family. This flavor is perfect for any occasion! Tamarind is also available in a quart size, or it can be combined in an assorted package with other great Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavors!
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