No matter if you have a gaggle of little kids to entertain or have a company picnic to organize, shaved ice can add an element of excitement to an otherwise traditional, boring gathering. Making and serving deliciously flavored shaved ice right in front of your guests is so much more fun than hiring someone to handle it for you, or renting out a concession stand.

The idea of ordering all the necessities, like shaved ice machines, syrups, and serving utensils separately, then anxiously waiting for each item to arrive may not strike you as convenient, especially if you are on a tight schedule. We want to help you save some time and money, and to ensure that your shaved ice experience is more of a pleasure than a burden.

For precisely this reason we have designed some shaved ice packages to meet your specific shaved ice needs. Take a look at these. We think that you will find the perfect fit!

Shaved Ice Party Pack With Manual Shaved Ice Machine
If you have some curious kids, who really want to make their shaved ice all by themselves and can hardly wait to have it, then this package will be perfect for you. It includes a manual ice shaver thatís simple enough for children to operate on their own with adult supervision, and it's also safe for those small hands. The machine’s neat and user-friendly design allows for quick cleanup. Thatís not all youíll get in this package. It also comes with 3 individual pints of popular flavored syrups, 25 spoon-straws, 25 snow cone cups and 3 bottle pourers. The whole family will agree that an afternoon with this convenient shaved ice package is just what is needed!

Ultimate Shaved Ice Pack With Electric Shaved Ice Machine
Need a unique gift idea for a shaved-ice loving friend, or a cool activity for your small to medium-sized gathering? This package has everything you need to make the right impression. This includes the popular and trustworthy S900A Shaved Ice Machine to make fluffy shaved ice, two ice molds to create the round ice blocks needed for the machine, 25 spoon straws, 25 snow cone cups, 5 bottle pourers and 5 bottles of your choice of flavored syrups. You will look just like an experienced shaved ice professional when you have the ultimate shaved ice package in your event-planning arsenal! Kids and adults, young and old will love the refreshing feeling of slurping on their favorite shaved ice.

For even more shaved ice package options and a huge variety of classic and exotic shaved ice and snow cone syrup flavors, please visit us today at Hawaiian Shaved Ice!