Putting together a one-of-a-kind birthday party that kids and adults will be talking about for months afterwards is a tall order. To make things a little easier it would be helpful to come up with a creative theme that guides all of your decisions, from decorations to food and activities. If you’re still stumped in that regard, then you may want to consider a snow cone-themed party!

A shaved ice and snow cone machine, a selection of delightful snow cone syrups, and the perfect accessories could be just what you need to bring everything together.

When it comes to setting up your refreshment table and serving your perfectly prepared snow cones, make it look unlike any other you’ve seen before. Simply swap out the boring, disposable, Styrofoam or plastic cups, cones, and utensils for something a little more fitting. Add some fun to your set up, with something that has more party flair.

What could that possibly be? At Hawaiian Shaved Ice we have some exciting and unusual, surprise accessories (perfect party favors) to captivate the kids and the kids at heart. Make your snow cone party almost legendary!

Silicone Snow Cone Cups with Holders
Why would you have snow cone cups that are simply tossed in the trash after use, when you can have these cleverly designed cups ideal for long-term use? Not only do these 6-ounce, vibrant cups make serving and eating snow cones neater and prevent your hands from getting too cold, but the modern look also makes them perfect for display. After the party is all over, you are left with the tiresome task of cleaning up. Well, you’ll have one less concern with these cups, as they are dishwasher-safe. When you place your order you’ll receive a set of two cups, which come with two holders. The colors vary from yellow, green, purple and red.

Color Changing Bowls
Your shaved ice is already infused with color thanks to your flavorful syrups, but you can enhance it even more with these magical bowls. What makes them so special? As soon as you fill the bowl with ice and syrup get ready to be amazed, as you’ll see the bowls actually change colors! In this package you will receive five pink bowls that change to purple and five yellow bowls that change to green!

Hawaiian Flower Leis
Want to really put the ‘Hawaiian’ in your ‘Hawaiian Shaved Ice?’ Then look no further then these festive Hawaiian leis! As soon as you welcome your guests to the party, place these silk-like leis made from faux tropical flowers around their necks, in true Hawaiian tradition. It’s a great way to honor your guests and make them feel a part of the celebration. They also act as a fantastic party favor to remember the day.

With a sweet set of snow cones, flavored syrups and eye-catching accessories, you’ll be sure to make your snow cone-themed party as colorful as possible! Take a look at some of our other offbeat accessories and check back for even more creative ideas from Hawaiian Shaved Ice.