Do you have a snow cone stand of your very own? Surely you have all the necessary supplies, including an extensive selection of flavored syrups. But, most importantly, if you running a snow cone stand, it is absolutely essential to have a well-defined business plan. Your business may be booming in the summertime, when itís particularly hot outside, and customers need a way to cool off quickly, but what happens during winter? Do you see a slump in sales? Are more people looking for a hot chocolate instead?

Snow Cones in the Winter

Part of the problem may be that you are not setting up shop in the most ideal location. Aside from the outdoor weather conditions, you should also take into consideration what additional resources you may need to be accessible, such as power outlets. So, for example, having your snow cone stand at the corner of the street when itís freezing outside may not be a suitable spot.

Think about a place where potential customers are likely to be in need of a cool down, and there would be ample foot-traffic. For example, one possible location could be close to a popular jogging trail, an athletic center, or maybe a sports arena. You may want to try using a building that is easily accessible, has plenty of parking, and is at the corner of busy streets or intersecting highways. This way, you could potentially set up a more permanent spot, which can be utilized on a long-term basis.

Itís also a good idea to check out the competition. Are there other snow cones businesses close to your selling spot, or perhaps even popular ice cream or smoothie vendors? Ultimately, you should be in a place where customers can find you easily.

Though it may seem like a lost cause, itís not out of your scope to find the perfect location for your snow cone stand. Keep all of this in mind, and explore your neighborhood and town for some possibly viable options, where you think that people might like a little jolt of energy with sensational snow cones.

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Do you have any handy tips and advice that youíve picked up in your snow cones business? Share them with us here, and stay tuned for more helpful hints!