If youve been following our blog, you may have read some of the top tips and tricks from our shaved ice pros to help you step up your ice shaving skills, no matter whether you use your machine at home or in a business setting.

For your benefit, our Hawaiian Shaved Ice team is back for part two of our continued series of pro tips.

Contributor: Dustin Keipper, Marketing Director
  • Question: What type of machine is best to use for a large group like a church function or a fundraiser?

  • Answer: We suggest a cube ice shaver, either the HC-8E or Snowie 1000. If its only used a few times a year, the Snowie 3000 may be overkill.

    Block ice shavers aren't practical for volunteers who may be running the machine. It's also hard to estimate the volume of ice needed for a fundraiser. Cube ice is easy to find at a local grocery or convenience store, if your fundraiser goes better than expected and you start to run out.

    If you're in a mega church and your using the machine frequently, we have had organizations order the Snowie 3000. Unfortunately, there's no mid-range/mid-priced machine for smaller groups at this time.
Contributor: Brittany Taylor, Marketing Coordinator
  • Question: Can I use pellet ice in my cube ice shaved ice machine?

  • Answer: No. We do not recommend using crushed ice, flake ice, pellet ice, or even the tube ice that's hollow. You must use solid cubes of ice. However, your ice doesn't necessarily have to be exact cubes.

    You simply just need some sort of ice that's no less than 1" in diameter and no more than 3" wide. The ice you can buy from a grocery or convenience store is typically the ice that most vendors use.

    Home users can simple use the ice dispensed from their refrigerator, as long has it's solid and not crushed.
Contributor: Kevin S., Warehouse/Inventory Manager & Customer Service Agent
  • Question: How do I know when to change my machine blade?

  • Answer: Its time to change your blade when the ice consistency changes and the texture of your ice starts to get coarse and crunchy.
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