You now know what the top shaved ice and snow cone flavors are to impress the kids, but what about the adults? We’ve put together a fresh list for your next grown-up get-together. You can skip the cocktails and still have plenty of entertainment with this special set of flavored syrups.

Flavor Description
Coffee With this snow cone syrup flavor, you can easily bring the local café home. Real Colombian coffee and freshly shaved ice together are truly a match made in heaven. You can be a barista yourself when you dream up cool combinations of your own, like mixing coffee shaved ice syrup with a vanilla or chocolate, to make a snow cone mocha!
Hurricane You will certainly delight in the passion fruit and sweet rum flavors that you love in a Hurricane, but without the alcohol. When you pour it over shaved ice and snow cones, the vibrant, red color makes it look just like the real drink!
Margarita With the authentic tequila flavor and a tangy lime, this shaved ice and snow cone syrup tastes (and looks) just like a real margarita. That’s why it’s hard to believe that it contains no alcohol at all! You can enjoy cup after cup of margarita shaved ice and snow cones without feeling guilty!
Tamarind Tamarind is a popular ingredient used in several parts of the world, commonly in sodas. If you want to please a little more sophisticated palate, then you should definitely add tamarind flavored syrup to your stockpile. It is more like a fruity, brewed tea than the typical blast of sweet, fruit flavor that appeals to kids. Our tamarind flavored syrup is mild and balanced, rather than being overpowering. Freshen up with this relaxing flavor anytime.
Mai Tai Mai Tai's are one of those classic vacation beverages that is probably most synonymous with Hawaii. Our Mai Tai shaved ice and snow cone syrup has the same complex flavor profile of the actual drink—hints of orange, lime, and light and dark rums—but, absolutely no alcohol. So, with each taste you’ll wonder how we’ve managed to recreate the same tropical flavor that you know and love!
Strawberry Daiquiri Bold strawberry and a tart twist of lime pair perfectly to create a refreshing anytime treat. This particular flavored syrup can easily be used to make completely adult concoctions, eliminating the need for pre-made daiquiri mixes. Add some flavor to your next beach party, without the hassle.
Horchata Horchata is frequently a favorite drink across Latin America, and is commonly served in Mexican restaurants. It’s similar to a milkshake, yet has a more complex and refined fusion of flavors, that are much more appealing to adults than children. It has the rich, creamy taste of vanilla rice milk, a slight zest of cinnamon, as well as savory nuts. Simply pour a serving of this over some freshly shaved ice, and you will undoubtedly feel refreshed every time!
Pina Colada The quintessential tropical vacation beverage can now be enjoyed anytime when you have some pina colada snow cone syrup. It has got the real pina colada flavor—a combo of pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and white rum. However, there is no alcohol! Take a tropical vacation right in your own backyard with just a few helpings of shaved ice infused with an island flavor!
Creamy Coconut Unlike a plain, expected coconut flavor, this snow cone syrup adds a new dimension with a subtle hint of vanilla, providing a richer, creamier complexity of flavors. It is a decadent alternative to your traditional cup of coconut ice cream, surprising the taste buds of even the pickiest adults.

Make your next party unlike any other, with these flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrups tailored to those adult tastes. Check back with us at Hawaiian Shaved Ice, as we explore even more flavors and fun ideas to supercharge your event!