Clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine and picturesque landscapes are some of the hallmarks of the most popular tropical vacation hotspots. While many of us may simply fantasize about enjoying a getaway to one of these dreamy, tropical locations, itís not always quick and easy to drop everything, pack up your bags, and hop on a flight or cruise ship to your favorite dream spot. At Hawaiian Shaved Ice, weíre making it much easier to enjoy a taste of the tropics, without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money and time. A fun shaved ice or snow cone machine and scrumptiously flavored shaved ice and snow cones are your real tickets to paradise!

Blue Coconut Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
Coconut is a classic flavor frequently associated with the island flair. Blue coconut, has all the rich, delicious flavor of a real coconut, with a surprising pop of blue color. This consistently resonates with children as well as adults and is perfect for an island-themed party, a poolside bash, or any time you just want to treat your taste buds to a tropical treat in your own backyard. Once you pour this flavored syrup over your batch of ice, the brilliant blue color will fool your guests into thinking itís blueberry and they'll be left guessing what the real, yummy flavor is!

Ocean Water Snow Cone

Youíll definitely get into the island groove when you make and serve this tantalizing tropical snow cone delight, which will be ready in just three minutes!

Servings: 1 Time: 3 min. Tools: Ice Shaver

  • 12 oz. of Shaved Ice
  • 2 oz. of Coconut Flavored Syrup
  • 1 oz. of Lemon Flavored Syrup
  • 1 oz. of Lime Flavored Syrup
  • Step 1: Mix flavors together in a measuring cup.
  • Step 2: Shave ice into cup or bowl
  • Step 3: Pour mixed syrup flavors onto ice
  • Step 4: Enjoy!
Orange Splash Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Syrup
Juicy, refreshing, fruit flavors are easily the most popular snow cone flavors. Whether youíre trying to cool down on a warm day or partying with friends and family, this shaved ice and snow cone syrup is guaranteed to satisfy every time. Orange splash flavored syrup combines the light sweetness of a banana, with the citrus kick of an orange. Skip the trip to the ice cream truck and simply surprise your guests with a treat that is refreshingly fun to make AND eat. Kids and adults, young and old, will find the fruit flavor irresistible, and will most certainly come back for seconds.

With these shaved ice and snow cone flavors, you can bring your dream vacation home and save yourself some hassle. Hopefully, you have a little bit of tropical inspiration to come up with your own creations! Stay tuned right here at Hawaiian Shaved Ice, as we continue our cool and colorful adventure through the wonderful world of shaved ice and snow cones!