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Wild Cherry Shaved Ice Syrup - Gallon

Wild Cherry Shaved Ice Syrup - Gallon
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Item Description

Item Description

Warning: this flavor cannot be tamed! Hawaiian Shaved Ice’s wild cherry syrup flavoring is guaranteed to make your taste buds go wild! This exotic snow cone is the perfect fruity treat for someone who doesn’t want something quite so sweet. Be careful, you might start to go a little wild too! Wild Cherry shaved ice is great for kids parties, and adults will enjoy the not-so-sweet taste that this flavor offers.

Purchase wild cherry sno cone flavoring syrup in our gallon size today for extra exotic excitement! This treat is a favorite among adults and children, so it will be a success at your next gathering. Just be prepared for everyone to go wild, with wild cherry shaved ice! We also sell this flavor in quart sizes, for a slightly tamer appetite, and in the assorted packages as well, so you can include more great Hawaiian Shaved Ice flavors!

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