Cotton candy has been captivating children and adults for many years now. When those bright colors, light and soft texture and luscious flavor all come together, the result is a classic sweet treat that adds a perfect pop of fun to any occasion. Believe it or not, this carnival and concession stand staple has been on quite an adventure since its inception, so we thought that we would share some fabulously fun facts about cotton candy!

#1: Cotton Candy was co-created by a dentist and a candy maker.
In 1897, a dentist in Nashville, Tennessee named Dr. William Morrison and a candy maker named John C. Wharton got together and invented a device that melted crystallized sugar and blew it through a fine screen, which would create the threads of cotton candy.

They then packaged the threads in small, wood boxes. The two creators introduced their machine and the cotton candy at the 1904 St. Louis Fair and sold thousands of boxes of cotton candy. At the time, it was not known as cotton candy but rather, fairy floss.

Later on, in 1921, another dentist by the name of Dr. Josef Lascaux in New Orleans improved the design of the machine and he trademarked the name “Cotton Candy.”

#2: Cotton Candy is healthier than most desserts.
Cotton candy is only made from two ingredients—air and colored sugar, which means that there is no fat content at all. There is actually much more sugar in a 12 ounce can of soda than an average cone of cotton candy. The way in which cotton candy is created, using force that pulls air into threads, places more air than sugar into the treat.

#3: Cotton candy is known by many names.
All over the world, there are different versions of the cotton candy that we are familiar with in the United States, and they are known by some very unique names. For example, in France cotton candy is known as daddy’s beard, in Australia, it’s Fairy Floss, in China, you’ll find dragon’s beard, and in the Netherlands, it’s called sugar spider.

#4: December 7th is National Cotton Candy Day.
It’s not clear where or how this day was established in the United States, and you may not have known of its existence. December 7th is also the day of the infamous Pearl Harbor attack, so some believe that Cotton Candy Day was possibly a means of lightening the mood of the day.

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