Shaved ice is still a popular treat, even though its origins date back to the 19th century. At a modern shaved ice stand, you’ll find so many different syrup flavors including sugar-free options that it can be difficult to choose. However, beyond just selecting a syrup flavor (or flavors!), many shaved ice connoisseurs up their shaved ice game by adding toppings to their treats.

You can add anything you want to the top of your shaved ice -- fruit, chocolate chips, pickles, spices, and much more! Let’s explore some of the most popular shaved ice toppings.

Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Toppings

Sweetened Condensed Milk
Some shaved ice stands call the addition of sweetened condensed milk a “snow cap” because it often looks like snow on top of a mountain. Adding sweetened condensed milk to shaved ice gives your treat a rich, sweet creamy taste.

Azuki Beans
Azuki beans are East Asian beans that are boiled and sweetened. Sometimes the beans are mashed but are kept slightly chunky. Azuki beans add a chewy texture and additional sweetness to shaved ice.

Mochi Balls
Mochi is a sweet Japanese rice cake. As a shaved ice topping, the cake is served in small balls in a sweetened syrup. Why not mix cake and shaved ice? Sounds fantastic!

Vanilla Ice Cream
Technically, the ice cream isn’t really a topping, as ice cream is usually layered in with the shaved ice. As they melt, use a straw to drink the delicious mixture. You can use any flavor of ice cream (mmm… chocolate ice cream with strawberry shaved ice), but vanilla is the most common as it combines with all different varieties of syrups.

Marshmallow Cream
Another sweet topping that adds a creamy dimension to any cup of shaved ice is marshmallow cream. Drizzled over the top of cool flaky ice - and perhaps combined with other toppings - marshmallow cream is the perfect finishing touch to make shaved ice extra decadent.

These are some of our favorite shaved ice toppings. What is yours? Whether it’s traditional or unique, we’d love to hear about your favorite shaved ice topping on our Facebook page!