Are you busy planning your kid's birthday party or arranging for their next sleepover? Have you run out of creative activity ideas? Don't Panic! Hawaiian Shaved Ice to the rescue!

Imagine, soon you will be able to take care of entertainment and refreshments in one fell swoop! How? With your snow cone or shaved ice machine and this list of the top 10 snow cone and shaved ice syrup flavors, that are sure to please even the pickiest of palates. Everyone is bound to have fun making their very own tasty treat.

Flavor Description
Tongue Twister Besides having a unique name, this surprisingly sour flavor is a refreshing favorite from snow cone stands to pool parties, for kids of all ages. Itís yummy on its own or can be combined with sweeter flavors, create your own combinations. Kids will love making faces as the tartness hits the tongue, leaving them really twisted!
Strawberry Strawberry is one of those classic shaved ice and snow cone flavors that's not going out of style any time soon. As a delicious way to cool off anytime and anywhere, itís no surprise that this is consistently one of the most popular flavors. Children and adults will thoroughly enjoy savoring the authentic strawberry flavor, without having to head to the concession stand! You can enjoy as much as you want, available in pint, quart, and gallon sizes.
Blueberry The flavor of fresh picked blueberries is wonderfully infused into this tempting bottle of blueberry shaved ice syrup. From the rich blue color to the cool, crisp taste, blueberry snow cones will satisfy the munchies. Everyone will want seconds. This flavor also pairs well with other flavors such as black cherry or banana. Order blueberry in a multi-pack or by the quart or gallon.
Lemonade The true tanginess of lemonade goes together perfectly with freshly shaved ice. When prepared, your snow cones will look just like your favorite frozen lemonade. You wonít have to wait until the warmer months to have a cool taste of summer.
Cherry One of our all-time best selling snow cone flavors, cherry is not just visually pleasing, it's also rich in taste. One taste and youíll be convinced that you are eating an actual juicy cherry! Though itís a more traditional flavor, youíll be surprised how popular it is amongst your party attendees. Available in pint, quart, and gallon sizes. All of the party guests can make as little or as much as they want, and you wonít have to worry about running out!
Orange Splash A blast of fresh fruit flavors could be just what you need to pump up the party! This particular syrup is not just your plain orangeóitís a powerful combination of sweet banana with citrusy orange. Just enough to pack a punch. Combine fresh ice with a splash (literally) of syrup and youíll have an instantly popular sampling of fun, without spending much time or money. Orange Splash can be ordered in a syrup package or individually by the quart or gallon.
Ice Cream Kids everywhere love ice cream but sometimes dietary restrictions, like lactose intolerance or sugar control can make it difficult to enjoy. Hawaiian Shaved Ice has solved that problem with our delicious ice cream flavored shaved ice and snow cone syrup. It tastes just like a real bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream without the dairy content. Douse a dash of it over your shaved ice, and get your ice cream fix, worry-free!
Granny Smith Apple Tart granny smith apples and shaved ice make a great team! Sometimes referred to as ďsour apple,Ē this syrup captures the taste of the familiar and popular green sour apple candies, except in a much cooler way! With a taste as bright as its green color, granny smith apple syrup will surely appeal to all ages. Order yours in quart or gallon size containers, or as part of a flavor pack.
Root Beer Root beer has always been a popular drink for grown-ups and kids alike. At your next get-together, your guests will be pleasantly surprised to see this new twist on an old favorite. Itís the same great taste that you know and love with a little refresher. Find root beer syrup in both quart and gallon sizes, or simply add it to your assorted flavor pack.
Pink Bubble Gum Chomping on bubblegum is a real treat for lots of children. Now, you can save yourself from the gooey mess that comes with it and still savor that delicious flavor. How? Just drizzle some of our Pink Bubblegum syrup on your shaved ice or snow cones! Itís perfectly pink, just like the real thing. An irresistible frozen favorite for everyone!
With these wonderful syrup flavors and your machine handy you can add some flavorful and age-appropriate fun to any gathering. Take your ice and infuse a little creativity to make some out of the ordinary desserts (and entertainment) courtesy of Hawaiian Shaved Ice!