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Dirt Cake Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Recipe


Dirt Cake Snow Cone Recipe

Servings: 1 Time: 2 min. Tools: Ice Shaver


16 oz. of Shaved Ice

2 oz. of Chocolate Flavored Syrup

2 oz. of Wedding Cake Flavored Syrup

2 oz. of Chocolate Covered Strawberry Flavored Syrup

2 oz. of Sweetened Condensed Milk

Chocolate Whipped Cream

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To begin, shave about 1/3 of your ice into a cup or a bowl. Pour the Chocolate syrup onto your first section of ice. Continue shaving another 1/3 of ice on top of the already flavored ice. Top this lot with the Wedding Cake syrup. Finish shaving the remainder of ice and top the final unflavored portion with Chocolate Covered Strawberry syrup. Complete the concoction by drizzling sweetened condensed milk, back and forth across the top of the ice. Add a dollop of chocolate whipped cream to top it off. Serve with a spoon or a spoonstraw.

Submitted by Hawaiian Shaved Ice Customer - N. Sykes