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Mangonada Snow Cone Recipe

Mangonada Snow Cone Recipe

Servings: 1 Time: 3 min. Tools: Ice Shaver


8 oz. of Shaved Ice

3 oz. of Mango Flavored Syrup

1 oz. of Chamoy

Fresh or canned chunks of mango

A few sprinkles of Tajin seasoning

1 Tamarind Candy Stick

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To start, shave ice into your preferred serving container. Here we have used a flower cup. Once you've collected 8-ounces of ice create a dome shape on top using your hand or a dome shaper. Pour mango-flavored syrup around the edge and down the center of the ice. Finish my drizzling 1-ounce of Chamoy sauce back and forth across the top, add mango chunks if you wish, sprinkle with a little Tajin seasoning, and top it all off with a tamarind candy stick. Serve with a spoon-straw.

If you choose to make a larger serving, we recommend layering the mango-flavored ice with Chamoy sauce, like a traditional mangonada.