Weíve touched on the differences between shaved ice and snow cone machines and the differences between cubed ice shavers and block ice shavers. If youíre running a shaved ice business, then youíll need the most effective and appropriate equipment for your particular needs. How do you decide what type of shaved ice machine will meet the daily demands of your business? We're going to shed some light on this matter today.

When youíre deciding which one is best for you, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. Consider these and youíll soon discover the perfect solution.

Is your business mobile?
If your shaved ice business runs on wheels, then itís best to choose a machine thatís easy to transport. In this case, cube ice shavers are much more effective and efficient than block ice shavers, particularly because accessibility to ice and counter space is vital. For the most part, stationary businesses use block ice shavers, which typically stay in place at all times.

Who will be using the shaved ice machine?
Cube ice shavers are generally the better option when there isnít much time to train employees on using the machine. So, these work well for smaller concession stands, as you may have a different set of people operating the machine each day or each week. On the other hand, if you have a regular staff that is willing to spend some time training and learning the ins and outs of the machine, then block ice shavers will do the job.

How quickly do you need to serve your customers?
Of course, everyone wants to serve their customers in a timely manner. However, some occasions call for particularly speedy service, such as large festivals or carnivals. If your goal is to produce several servings very quickly, then a cube ice shaver is better for your needs. However, if your goal is to retain those repeat customers and focus more on quality than quantity, consider a block ice shaver instead.

Is block ice available in your area?
Cubed ice is readily available almost everywhere unlike block ice. Check with local ice distributors to see if they can cut blocks for your specific machine. If not you can freeze your own ice blocks, but you may need a separate chest freezer based on your business. If these are not viable options, then definitely use a cube ice shaver.

What type of ice shaver does your competition use?
In any type of business itís key to keep an eye on your competition and be well aware of buyer preferences. If your customers are accustomed to the ice from a block ice shaver, then definitely use a block ice shaver. Likewise, perhaps youíve noticed that many of your competitors are using cube ice shavers, then as you might suspect, using a block ice shaver can give you an extra edge.

Once youíve determined the answers to these questions, you should know exactly what type of machine would be ideal for your business needs. For more helpful hints and all of your commercial shaved ice needs, stop by our sister site at 1-800-Shaved-Ice.com.