Itís no secret that we love snow cones AND shaved ice. But, oftentimes people use the two interchangeably. However, there is a clear difference between the two. You may be thinking about purchasing your very own snow cone or shaved ice machine. Well, Hawaiian Shaved Ice is here to help you understand whatís what, that way you can choose the machine that works best for you.

When youíre purchasing a shaved ice or snow cone machine, itís important to have all of the necessary facts to make an informed decision. The market is full of high-quality machines that offer unique functions and are ideal for various levels of use. Follow this helpful guide and you should have no problem finding the perfect one.

Before attempting to choose a shaved ice or snow cone machine, you should have a clear understanding of exactly what features you need. Explore our selection of shaved ice machines, and youíre sure to find a favorite.

Shaved Ice Machines Produces soft and fluffy ice. Uses blocks or cubes of ice. Ice shaved as ordered.
  • Manual Shaved Ice Machine: The most basic of our shaved ice machines. This option uses a manual hand crank to shave the ice, and makes smaller servings of shaved ice. . It's simple and safe to operate, kids of all ages can get in on the fun. This manual shaver is not at all bulky making it great addition to your kitchen counter.
  • S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machines: If you love to throw mini parties and entertain, then this electric machine is perfect for you. It easily transforms round blocks of molded ice into soft, fluffy snow in minutes. The S900A is surprisingly compact, so storage is as simple as it is to use.
  • Professional Electric Shaved Ice Machines: Running a shaved ice business of your own? With this Hatsuyuki HC-8E cube shaved ice machine, we are making the workday at the shaved ice stand a little easier. How? This commercial grade shaved ice machine can efficiently create snow-like ice from regular bagged ice, for up to 400 people in an 8-hour period. We know that this portable machine will see plenty of use , so durability and strength is not a concern because it has a 110-volt industrial-strength motor. Making shaved ice should be safe and easy, especially when itís your business. For that reason, this machine comes with additional safety features.
Snow Cone Machines Produces crunchy ice from ice cubes. Ice can be crushed in advance.
  • S700 Electric Snow Cone Machine: Are you looking for something simple, sturdy and safe for the whole family? This kid-safe, easy to assemble S700 electric snow cone machine may be your answer. It uses regular ice cubes from your refrigerators freezer to create coarse, crunchy ice shavings which you can mold into snow cones, slushies, or even an icy base for a buffet of food.
  • Sno-King Professional Snow Cone Machine: This is a great option for large-scale get-togethers like company picnics, family reunions, etc. It is one of our most durable, high-volume machines, producing 500 pounds of ice per hour! Operation and cleanup is a breeze, so youíll have even more time to enjoy your event.
Many people purchase their first snow cone machine without realizing the additional supplies necessary for creating professional-quality snow cones or shaved ice. Once you decide on the perfect machine, here are some additional items you might need:
  • Snow cone cups
  • Premium Syrup Flavors
  • Spoon straws
  • Block ice shaved ice molds (for S900A)
  • Bottle pourers
  • Replacement blades (for future maintenance)
If you are a beginning shaved ice or snow cone maker and you want to purchase all supplies in one simple and economical step, then order a complete ice shaver package. All of our shaved ice and snow cone machines come with a one-year limited manufacturers warranties at no additional cost.

We hope you now have a better understanding of the differences between shaved ice and snow cones. At, it is our goal to provide the highest quality, most reliable snow cone and shaved ice machines for at-home and recreational use. Our helpful customer service team is dedicated to answering all of your questions, so feel free to contact them if you are struggling with your decision process via our online form, email, fax, or telephone call.